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Security & Compliance

Don't wait for a breach, build a fortress. Napa goes beyond reactive security, we're proactive peacekeepers. We proactively identify vulnerabilities before they become headlines, crafting customized plans to secure your infrastructure and data. Our experts stay ahead of the cyber curve, constantly adapting to new threats and ensuring your business operates with confidence.


Stop playing defense, start building an impenetrable wall. Let Napa be your security architect.

Security Audit

Don't wait for a cloud breach, uncover vulnerabilities before they bite. Our comprehensive security audit goes beyond the surface, using cutting-edge tools to scan your entire cloud infrastructure and pinpoint hidden attack surfaces. We map your existing security program to the cloud, identify vulnerabilities with crystal-clear detail, and provide actionable recommendations to patch any holes before hackers can exploit them.


Stop playing cyber defense, let Napa be your proactive security partner. Schedule your audit today and sleep soundly knowing your cloud is secure.

No more fighting security battles alone. Napa is your trusted partner, every step of the way. We take a holistic approach to cloud remediation, collaborating with you to architect a secure strategy, implement best practices, and maintain compliance standards.  We minimize your attack surface, identify and neutralize risks before they become problems, and automate key security tasks to reduce human error. 


Our experts are your allies, always vigilant and ready to adapt to evolving threats. Stop feeling overwhelmed by cloud security, let Napa be your guiding hand.


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Software Delivery Pipeline

Build security into your pipeline, not just around your code. Napa's secure software delivery pipeline goes beyond patching vulnerabilities, it prevents them from ever reaching production. We eliminate risky manual processes with DevSecOps best practices, automate security checks with infrastructure-as-code, and continuously scan code for threats and compliance issues.


Stop firefighting security breaches, build bulletproof pipelines with Napa. Let your code flow freely, not your vulnerabilities.

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