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About Napa

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Our Story

The year was 1986. Manhattan pulsed with ambition, and amidst the concrete canyons, a vision sprouted. Our founder, a restless innovator with a thirst for Cabernet, dreamt of a different kind of tech company. One where trust wasn't just a slogan, but a foundation. Where employees weren't cogs in a machine, but creators wielding the tools to build dreams. And so, as the sun dipped below the Hudson, painting the sky in Napa Valley hues, the name whispered itself into existence: Napa Group.

We cut our teeth on Wall Street, crafting technology that tamed the wild beasts of finance. From the Americas to Zurich, our solutions danced across trading floors, orchestrating the intricate ballet of deals for the most prestigious firms. Three decades later, with a portfolio brimming with Wall Street Journal headliners, we felt a new rhythm calling. The time had come to nurture a different kind of magic – the magic of startups.

Today, we're not just planting seeds; we're cultivating entire ecosystems. Large banks and startup founders alike see the value in our seasoned roots, our deep expertise, and our unwavering commitment to execution.


So, raise a glass to Napa Group. To the relentless pursuit of innovation, the unwavering belief in people, and the inevitable joy of watching ideas take flight. We're not just a tech company; we're the soil where dreams grow tall.

Forget the software development black box. At Napa, we believe in clear paths and shared journeys. The Napa Way, our meticulously crafted methodology, blends the best of Kanban, Agile, and DevOps practices with a singular focus: delivering success for you. We prioritize understanding your immediate needs, crafting predictable roadmaps, and keeping you informed every step of the way. Quality isn't just an outcome; it's woven into every fiber of our process.

Creative Problem Solving

We're your trusted advisors, uncovering hidden opportunities and steering you away from costly blunders. Our deep domain knowledge and rapid goal comprehension empower you to make confident choices that drive tangible results.

Technical Craftmanship

Coding is just the first act. Building efficient, maintainable technology is where Napa shines. Sure, anyone can churn out code, but at Napa, quality and simplicity are woven into our DNA. We take immense pride in crafting products that endure, delight, and seamlessly adapt to your needs.

Superior Process

We don't just listen to your goals, we co-create your roadmap. Together, we transform your vision into a laser-focused plan, meticulously scoped and broken down into high-impact features. We roll them out iteratively, hand-in-hand, ensuring each step delivers tangible value.

The Napa Way

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