Software you can bank on® isn't just our slogan,
it's our guiding principle.

Creative problem solving

Our clients often come to us with a great idea or a tough problem. They look to Napa to help them work through it, identify multiple solutions, and avoid expensive mistakes. We use our extensive domain experience, quickly understand the goal, and help our customers make the proper decisions for their business.

Often our solution is different from the one our client originally imagined. We work together to understand the real issue and the best answer, rather than jumping to write code. Time spent upfront is usually the best investment. We are creative, but not wild, and while we may push the envelope, we always remember Job One is to deliver quality to our customers.

Technical Craftsmanship

It's easy enough to find a firm or individual that will take a spec and generate code that barely gets the job done. These "engineers" are a dime-a-dozen. At Napa, writing efficient and maintainable code is built into our DNA. We've always gone beyond that though, taking great pride in scalable architectures, security as a first-class citizen, and simple designs.

Superior Process

As an experienced software firm, Napa has used every development methodology out there from Waterfall to Scrum to Kanban. We've adopted and combined the practices that have worked best for us and our clients, constantly analyzing and improving "how" we work, promoting the practices that are effective and eliminating or changing those that aren't.

We engage early with prospective clients, quickly organizing the mission, business problems, target users, scope, and constraints into a comprehensive vision. From there, we fast-track the process by collaborating with our customer to iteratively plan, prototype, develop, and deploy small batches of high-value functionality, offering transparency to stakeholders at each step.

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