We've optimized our craft around niche domains
to serve our customers' strategic goals.


Our foundation has always been fintech. Napa was born on the trading floors of Wall Street. Since then, we've been at the forefront of delivering next generation trading systems. With deep experience in municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and private equity, our customers look to us to build platforms that automate manual tasks and simplify the complex ones. We help our customers discover, organize, act on, and share information more efficiently than ever before.

Specifically, we've built:

  • trading systems that handle the entire new issuance workflow for bonds
  • compliance systems to handle risk, regulatory, and auditing
  • remarketing systems that handle allocation, position management, clearance & settlement

Many of our platforms have common requirements like analytics/reporting, document management/workflow, and messaging/notifications. Although the requirements for these features might change slightly from one system to the next, we often leverage the core functionality from our library of pre-built components to accelerate time to market.


New ideas, and the entrepreneurs who generate them, are what move industries forward. Building a startup is all about nurturing an idea and helping it grow. We know how important it is for you to pick a technical partner that you can trust.

Having worked with countless startups, we've perfected a process to deliver value early and often to our new partners. Starting with our initial contact, we work to deeply understand your vision and provide guidance on the appropriate path forward. This might involve creating a prototype, performing market research, or helping you organize a high-level roadmap.

No two startups are the same, but Napa has formulated a workflow that quickly and efficiently moves the team in the right direction.

Case Study


Napa has a long history building auction systems that push the boundaries. Interestingly, we've built auction systems that serve vastly different industries.

One of Napa's earliest systems was a trading application to manage the workflow of auction rate bonds, a niche type of fixed income security. That application evolved and expanded over time to become DART™ and START™, two of our flagship products that are widely used today by many of the top broker dealers on Wall Street. They use custom logic to handle the entire process of bidding, applying complex rulesets, and running reverse Dutch auction algorithms to determine the winners.

As a change of pace from our typical Wall Street customers, we partnered with Acker Merrall & Condit, the world's largest wine auction house, to build their auction website and corresponding mobile app. We built the system using a combination of our auction expertise and our technical skillset to create a personalized and polished experience that the world's great collectors of fine and rare wine would expect.

Napa's latest foray in the auction world is Gala, a platform that assists organization in running silent auctions for charitable fundraising.

Case Study

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