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Trident is a fintech startup modernizing the way private equity operates. They partnered with Napa Group to implement a technology-first approach to private equity investing, making critical data easily accessible to their customers while still offering personalized service.


Traditionally, private equity funds are led by an established team of money managers who receive money from investors willing to cede all control in the decision-making of a portfolio of deals meeting investment criteria. In exchange for fund fees and a share of the profits, investors rely on portfolio specialists to determine specific investment targets, holding periods, tender opportunities and, ultimately, total profits.

Conversely, Trident is designed to provide investors with maximum transparency and speed of investing, allowing accounts to select curated deals for investment choices. From its inception, Trident focused on using technology to solve the biggest complaints voiced by the private equity community.

According to Eric Taylor, Trident's CEO, "Our investors rely on our expert analysis to find the best investment opportunities. But our technology frees us to focus on the marketplace, share our analysis, invite investor participation, and report and respond to market events in real-time."

Part of our go-to-market strategy was to keep overhead low. Napa accomplished this by building a powerful yet simple platform that automates many of our repetitive or manual tasks.

- Eric Taylor, Trident CEO

The platform offers a 360 degree view of each offering, with secure access to deal documentation and ongoing visibility into deal progress including news and other industry events. Written in C# using .Net Core, ReactJS, and PostgreSQL, and hosted in Docker containers in the cloud managed by Kubernetes, Napa chose best-in-class open source technology to build a robust foundation. Furthermore, the platform is also integrated with industry-leading tools like Docusign, Box, Hotjar, and Intercom to help Trident efficiently run their business. And because the system is designed to be redundant, scalable, and performant, Trident can focus on growing its portfolio, not growing its IT support staff.

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