It all started in Manhattan back in 1986

Our founder

From the beginning...

Peter Chatzky, our founder, had a vision to build a software company that customers could trust and where employees could feel fulfilled at the end of each workday. But first he needed a name. As he contemplated it over a nice glass of Cabernet from California it came to him, and Napa Group was born.

From the Americas to Zurich, Napa Group has worked with the largest, most prestigious firms of Wall Street. After three decades of working with dozens of Wall Street Journal headliners, we are now sculpting the next generation of A-list firms: from seedlings to startups, founders who recognize the value of our experience, expertise, and execution.

Our Values

They guide what we do, why we create, and whom we hire.


    Our job is to make money AND to have fun doing it. Otherwise, why are we here? If we expect our people to work hard, stay engaged, take risks, and grow the organization, it must be enjoyable. But we also must be profitable and sustainable to accomplish our long-range goals. We like to crack jokes, play games, and laugh, but we are also focused, pragmatic, and sometimes geeky.


    We tackle problems, whether on a huge project or a 24-hour hackathon, by applying our experience and skillsets to quickly understand what will bring the most bang for the buck. Delivering fast means we efficiently utilize proven technology and practices to rapidly get our customers what they need most. It never means sacrificing quality to get something out the door.


    We're good today, but we can be better tomorrow. All team members are empowered to improve their environment - to enhance our products, our people, our place. We all share the responsibility of continuous improvement, and each change begins with an individual.


    It's popular to say the goal of the software development team is to engineer the illusion of simplicity. We remove the illusion. This is woven into all we do. In our interaction with clients, development process, user experience, and code, if something doesn't improve quality, we eliminate it.

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